Training Rowing Machine Made From Natural Wood



  • Natural, like all water rowers, is second to none in its reproduction of the resistance felt in water rowing.
  • Equipped with a customizable LCD screen, it allows you to track time, speed, total distance and calories during training, helping you manage your time and reach your goal.
  • Space-saving design: Put the rowing upright for storage, it will take up less space than you use. With the wheels, you can move it easily.


  • Use Home use
  • Rubber material, Wood
  • Sport/Gymnastics and Training Activity, Weightlifting
  • Number of user profiles 1
  • Type Portable
  • Pliable, self-supporting, Grill Light, Portable Features
  • Colour: hazelnut brown, red brown, natural wood
  • Brand Universe Fitness
  • Fat Burning Programs, Fitness Test, Weight Loss


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