Punching Bag For Boxing & MMA | Infini 2



  • PREMIUM DURABILITY: Made with synthetic leather multilayers with high-density foam padding. Suitable for beginners, amateurs and professionals who train for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai or Kickboxing.
  • COMBAT SPORTS GAMME: An excellent addition to any home gym or training equipment, the portable, stand-alone strike bag is ideal for a range of combat sports, including boxing, kickboxing, MMA and more.
  • STABLE WEIGHT BASE: Despite its freestanding nature, this Punch Bag METIS maintains exceptional stability, even in the face of the fiercest punches and kicks. For maximum stability, fill with sand.


  • Height 180cm
  • Bag diameter 32cm
  • Base diameter 63cm
  • Weight of support filled with sand 200 lbs


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Punching bag for Boxing - MMA | Model K1
Punching Bag For Boxing & MMA | Infini 2


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